Multi Comfort

Provide a shared frame of reference while respecting each person’s specific needs and anticipating future regulations: the Multi Comfort program is a new way of designing living places.

The aim of the program is to demonstrate the effectiveness of Saint-Gobain’s solutions and continue to develop research and innovation to improve living comfort in residential and tertiary buildings while reducing the environmental impacts.

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Comfort a new way of living

At Saint-Gobain, we believe that feeling good in a building is about having the perfect amount of light, the proper level of sound and the ideal temperature. It is about design and technology, beauty and safety, efficiency and sustainability.

The Multi Comfort program focuses on four types of comfort:

  • Thermal: to enjoy a pleasant temperature year-round while minimizing energy consumption
  • Acoustic: to protect from unwanted exterior noise, and enhance sounds that we do want to hear
  • Visual: to benefit from natural lighting for habitat that is pleasant to live in and aesthetically pleasing
  • Indoor air: to improve interior air quality

And will soon integrate tomorrow’s challenges in terms of sustainability by focusing on 3 core topics:

  • Energy & carbon: towards zero carbon buildings
  • Materials &  resources: toward circular economy
  • Health & safety: towards nurturing buildings

According to local specific concerns, the program can be customized by addressing additional topics such as water, biodiversity and/or local value creation. All of these projects comply with each country’s specific features while anticipating new regulations.

Comfort and high-performance for housing

A working group of experts from several Group businesses defined the technical and construction criteria for Saint-Gobain’s Multi Comfort program. The building must comply with all aspects of indoor comfort (thermal, acoustic, interior air and visual comfort from natural light), and all performance criteria (energy consumption for heating and air conditioning, natural light indicator and decibels). 

Its design must be environmentally friendly and its price reasonable compared with the market. It is essential to measure a Multi Comfort building’s performance as soon as it is occupied to obtain tangible proof of the benefits of Saint-Gobain’s solutions.

Certification by an independent entity of the building’s performance will attest to its Multi Comfort character.

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