CSR commitments

Saint-Gobain commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) relies on the Principles of Conduct and Action

Moreover, developing and distributing more sustainable solutions to create great living places that guarantee the wellbeing of both individuals and society as a whole, these are the fundamentals of the our brand promise.

The commitment is at the core of our DNA and is declined in four principles:



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1. Promote sustainable housing

As the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, Saint-Gobain has a special responsibility to encourage sustainable construction in the face of such pressing issues as accelerated urbanization, worldwide population growth, declining natural resources and climate change. The Group takes part in discussions on energy efficiency in buildings and develops eco-innovative solutions with the goal of reducing products’ environmental impacts in buildings by taking all lifecycle stages into account, while enhancing the comfort, social and environmental benefits for the people, both in new buildings and renovation projects.

To discover more about Saint-Gobain Sustainable Habitat Strategy.

2. Limit our environmental impacts

Saint-Gobain’s manufacturing and distribution operations have an impact on the environment. The Group takes action to reduce these impacts to the minimum, both in its plants and during product shipment. Raw materials, waste, energy & carbon, water biodiversity and health are major challenges for Saint-Gobain. Common policies and tools encourage all the sites to make progress in these areas and share their experience.

3.Encourage employee growth

Saint-Gobain’s human resources policy is designed to offer all employees a working environment in which they can thrive both personally and professionally, as this is a fundamental factor in well-being and performance in the workplace. To support employees’ growth, four priorities have been set within the OPEN program: professional mobility, team diversity, employee commitment and development of talent. 

4.Support local community development

Wherever the Group is present, it is a major local player who contributes to the economic and social development of its host communities. Our actions are in line with a sustainable and shared benefit approach. The Group also supports community outreach initiatives as part of its general concern for the world around it and for the neighbors of Saint-Gobain sites, some of which were established many years ago. Employees play a key role; as can be seen in the projects sponsored by the Saint-Gobain Initiatives International Corporate Foundation.