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See below how Wall Covering by Adfors can contribute to WELL criteria: Anti-Microbial activity for surfaces

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Key contribution

Saint-Gobain ADFORS develops and markets new and innovative products for the habitat, taking into account sustainability topics, right from development stage through to product launch thanks to our Eco-Innovation policy. 


To reduce occupant exposure to both harmful pathogens and hazardous cleaning agents.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: High-Touch Surfaces

All countertops and fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens, and all handles, doorknobs, lightswitches and elevator buttons are one of the following:

  • Coated with or comprised of a material that is abrasionresistant, non-leaching and meets EPA testing requirements for antimicrobial activity.
  • Cleaned with a UV cleaning device that has an output of at least 4 mW/cm², used as recommended by the manufacturer.

Part 2: Locker Room Coating

All lockers, benches, and floors in the locker rooms, if present, are coated with or comprised of a material which meets the following:

  • Abrasionresistant and non-leaching.
  • EPA testing requirements for antimicrobial activity.

See detailed requirement for Antimicrobial activity for surfaces

Our contribution

Technology Mold-X 

Keeping a good sanitary environment is a priority for public buildings and high risk rooms. Mold and bacteria quickly develop under the influence of heat and of humidity.

They are mainly found in kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms in private and public buildings. Mold and bacteria presence can cause irritation, asthma and several infectious diseases.

These symptoms are increased for those with particular sensitivities (babies, children, the old or the sick). In low ventilated areas, they can destroy materials and cause the need for disinfection in hospitals.

Wallcoverings including Mold-X treatment avoid the development of mould and bacteria on the surface even after painting. Anti-bacterial activity was tested according to JIS Z 2801 and measured at R>2 (more than 99% of bacteria killed). Anti-fungal activity was measured and confirmed according to ISO 846:1997.