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See below how Floors by Gyproc can contribute to WELL criteria: Thermal comfort

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To promote occupant productivity and ensure a sufficient level of thermal comfort.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Ventilated Thermal Environment

All spaces in mechanically-ventilated projects meet the design, operating and performance criteria:

  • ASHRAE Standard 552013 Section 5.3, Standard Comfort Zone Compliance.

Part 2: Natural Thermal Adaptation

All spaces in naturally-ventilated projects meet the following criteria:

  • ASHRAE Standard 552013 Section 5.4, Adaptive Comfort Model.

See detailed requirement for Thermal comfort

Our contribution

GYPROC’s range of thermal products can help contribute to this criterion, where natural ventilation is introduced and our range of combined airtight solutions help contribute to a comfortable thermal environment.


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Airtightness solutions


Gyproc products are specially formulated to achieve high levels of air tightness, contributing to a better energy performance

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