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See below how Floors by Gyproc can contribute to WELL criteria: Enhanced material safety

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To minimize the impact of hazardous building material ingredients on indoor air quality and protect the health of manufacturing and maintenance workers.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Precautionary Material Selection

One of the following requirements should be met:

  • At least 25% of products by cost (including furnishings, builtin furniture, all interior finishes and finish materials):
  • Are Cradle to Cradle™ Material Health Certified with a V2 Gold or Platinum or V3 Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Material Health Score.
  • Have no GreenScreen® Benchmark 1, List Translator 1 or List Translator Possible 1 substances over 1,000 ppm, as verified by a qualified Ph.D. toxicologist or Certified Industrial Hygienist.
  • Meet some combination of the certifications
  • The project completes all Imperatives in the Materials Petal under the Living Building Challenge 3.0.

See detailed requirement for Enhanced material safety

Our contribution

Please consult our local GYPROC team for further details on how our products can contribute to this criterion.