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See below how Gypsum Ceilings by Gyproc can contribute to WELL criteria: Beauty and design II

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To promote occupant comfort and spatial familiarity by designing spacious, familiar and aesthetically appealing spaces.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Ceiling Height

Ceiling height that is proportional to room dimensions provides an expansive, comfortable and open feel to the interior space.

Part 2: Artwork

Integration of artwork to interior space adds complexity to the visual field. A plan is developed that includes a description of how the project incorporates meaningfully integrated artwork in:

  • Entrances and lobbies.
  • All regularly occupied space greater than 28 m² [300 ft²].

See detailed requirement for Beauty and design II

Our contribution

GYPROC sees the importance to create an interior environment that is interesting, stimulating and provides positive distraction. Such elements are important in buildings such as healthcare facilities where a therapeutic environment is desired in which the overall design of the building contributes to patient recovery process, as well as positive staff performance and retention. 

GYPROC offer a wide range of stylish acoustic ceiling products with perforated designs and high light reflectance values allowing for spaces that have depth and contrast. GYPROC also offers wall and ceiling systems for creating curved surfaces bringing a sense of movement in the room. Plasterboard systems and ceiling boards allows for a colorful paint palette where designers can achieve the desired aesthetic for their project.