Glass facade & windows by Saint-Gobain

See below how Glass façade & windows by Saint-Gobain can contribute to WELL V1 criteria: Beauty and Design 1.

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To thoughtfully create unique and culturally-rich spaces.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Beauty and Mindful Design

The project contains features intended for all of the following:

  • Human delight.
  • Celebration of culture.
  • Celebration of spirit.
  • Celebration of place.
  • Meaningful integration of public art.

See detailed requirement for Beauty and design I

Our contribution

Glazing provides a wide range of possibilities for designing extensively glazed and transparent facades. Whether shaped, edge worked or surface decorated, in single or double-glazed format, Saint-Gobain Glass contributes to the creation of beautiful environments that can positively improve occupants’ mood and comfort levels as well as optimizing energy efficiency.  Our patterned and cast glass (DECORGLASS and MASTERGLASS) and silk-screen printed glass (EMALIT, SERALIT and OPALIT EVOLUTION) offer endless, customizable options suitable for a great number of applications. Their range of color, durability, transmittance and safety features mean that they are the obvious materials of choice for all facades.

In addition to traditional screen printing technologies, digital printing technology takes design to a new and striking level of realism. PICTUREit uses enamel inks to print digital creations on glass. It offers versatile and reliable support for the expression of one’s sense of aesthetics and for the communication of visual messages. With CREA-LITE, a colored decorative glass with relief, every design and application becomes a truly unique creation.
Curved glass is very often used in architecture to give a more natural feeling to structures, add a smooth touch, reassure users and make a place more welcoming. It makes buildings feel more human like and approachable. CONTOUR glass is a curved glass shaped to produce the degree of curve desired. Thus, it creates harmonious spaces so that adventurous outlines become possible.