Glass facade & windows by Saint-Gobain

See below how Glass façade & windows by Saint-Gobain can contribute to WELL V1 criteria: Daylighting Fenestration.

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Key contribution

Saint-Gobain Glass proposes some of the largest glass panes in the world with dimensions of up to 18 x 3.21 meters along with a unique range of high selective coatings providing a high visible light transmittance, while minimizing unwanted glare and thermal heat gain. These solutions are a product of our belief in promoting green building and optimizing energy efficiency.


To optimize occupant exposure to daylight and limit glare through enhanced fenestration parameters.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Window Sizes for Working and Learning Spaces

The following conditions are met on façades along regularly occupied spaces:

  • Windowwall ratio as measured on external elevations is between 20% and 60%. Percentages greater than 40% require external shading or adjustable opacity glazing to control unwanted heat gain and glare.
  • Between 40% and 60% of window area is at least 2.1 m [7 ft] above the floor (Daylight Glass).

Part 2: Window Transmittance in Working and Learning Areas

The following visible transmittance (VT) conditions are met for all non-decorative glazing:

  • All glazing located higher than 2.1 m [7 ft] from the floor (Daylight Glass) has VT of 60% or more.
  • All glazing located 2.1 m [7 ft] or lower from the floor (Vision Glass) has VT of 50% or more.

Part 3: Uniform Color Transmittance

All windows used for daylighting meet the following requirement:

  • The visible light transmittance of wavelengths between 400 and 650 nm does not vary by more than a factor of 2.

Part 4: Window Sizes for Living Spaces

Window/wall ratio as measured on external elevations is:

  • Between 30% and 60% in living rooms.
  • Between 20% and 40% in bedrooms.


See detailed requirement for Daylighting fenestration

Our contribution

Window size and transmittance

Saint-Gobain Glass offers some of the largest glass panes in the world with dimensions of up to 18 x 3.21 meters. These open up the landscape to a whole new view and create a special feeling of space.

Using Saint-Gobain design simulation tools, we can define the perfect glazing according to the three key parameters of light transmission, selectivity and solar factor. Below you will find some glazing configurations with their associated performances:


Uniform color transmittance

PLANICLEAR and  DIAMANT are both clear glass with extremely high levels of light transmission (up to 91%). Due to their perfect clarity, these allow the true color of display items to be seen and permit excellent vision quality when viewing through the glass. Unfiltered natural light enters the interior of a building. The full impact of a room, its decor and objects can be achieved with optimum light and undistorted colors.

VISION-LITE is ideal for all applications that require maximum transparency (light transmission of 90%) and unimpaired vision through the glass. The excellent transparency and low light reflection offer a better contrast and color rendering.