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See below how Glass Façade & Windows by Saint-Gobain can contribute to WELL V1: Daylight Modeling.

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Key contribution

The Saint-Gobain Glass range is composed of a wide variety of products, made of sustainable materials, that enable occupants to enjoy the benefits of daylight exposure in all seasons. This also furthers our agenda of promoting green building and optimizing energy efficiency. 


To support circadian and psychological health by setting thresholds for indoor sunlight exposure.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Healthy Sunlight Exposure

Lighting simulations demonstrate that the following conditions are expected:

  • Spatial daylight autonomy (sDA300,50%) is achieved for at least 55% of regularly occupied space. In other words, at least 55% of the space receives at least 300 lux [28 fc] of sunlight for at least 50% of operating hours each year.
  • Annual sunlight exposure (ASE1000,250) is achieved for no more than 10% of regularly occupied space. In other words, no more than 10% of the area can receive more than 1,000 lux [93 fc] for 250 hours each year.

See detailed requirement for Daylight modeling

Our contribution

When selecting glazing in terms of daylighting, we need to consider the following criteria:

  • Light transmission of the glazing (%) that corresponds to the percentage of visible light striking the glazing that will pass through; 
  • Selectivity that corresponds to the capability of a glass coating to prevent solar heat transmission without compromising glass light transmission; and  
  • The average glazed surface.

Using Saint-Gobain’s design simulation tools, we can define the perfect glazing according to the outdoor conditions. Below you will find some glazing configurations with their associated performances:


In addition, increasing the glazed surface will open up the landscape and create a special feeling of space. Saint-Gobain Glass offers several options to do this:

  • With dimensions of up to 18 x 3.21 meters, as a single sheet and isolation glass unit, the overlength glass increases design possibilities for transparency;
  • STADIPBUILDER, a laminated glass with a structural PVB inside which is 10 times stronger than a standard PVB, enables super large glass panes; and 
  • Lighter fixing systems such as POINT X and  POINT S.

Finally, to enjoy the benefits of daylight while preventing uncomfortable glare, CLIMAPLUS/CLIMALIT SCREENS are double glazing units fitted with venetian blinds, which guarantee protection against excessive sunlight.