Glass facade & windows by Saint-Gobain

See below how Glass façade & windows by Saint-Gobain can contribute to WELL criteria: Right to Light.

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Key contribution

Glass is the most contributory material in terms of daylight. Our glazing, composed of sustainable materials, significantly increases occupants’ exposure to sunlight by offering a complete range of high performance glass. This is in line with our principles of promoting green building and optimizing energy efficiency. 


To promote exposure to daylight and views of varying distances by limiting the distance workstations can be from a window or atrium.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Lease Depth

The following requirement is met:

  • 75% of the area of all regularly occupied spaces is within 7.5 m [25 ft] of view windows.

Part 2: Window Access

The following conditions are met:

  • 75% of all workstations are within 7.5 m [25 ft] of an atrium or a window with views to the exterior.
  • 95% of all workstations are within 12.5 m [41 ft] of an atrium or a window with views to the exterior.

See detailed requirement for Right to light

Our contribution

Windows and glazed facades are the primary link between office workers and the outside world. They maximize daylight within buildings and provide the necessary light levels for a productive and stimulating environment, while reducing reliance on electric lighting. 

To define the appropriate glazing, we need to select:

  • A high light transmission of glazing (%) that corresponds to the percentage of visible light striking the glazing that will pass through; 
  • An appropriate selectivity meaning that the glazing can admit as much daylight as possible while preventing transmission of as much solar heat as possible; and 
  • A maximized surface, with larger panes or lighter structure for instance. 

With Saint-Gobain’s tools, it is simple to create the best option according to the outdoor conditions and customer preferences. Below you will find some glazing configurations and their associated performances that we can provide:


In addition, increasing glazing surface area is a great way to make sure that enough natural light reaches living spaces. For instance, there is STADIPBUILDER, a stronger laminated glass (the structural PVB inside is 10 times stronger than a standard PVB) that enables super large glass panes for more daylighting, comfort and safety. Furthermore, Saint-Gobain Glass’ large-scale range now includes glass panes with dimensions of up to 18 x 3.21 meters – as a single sheet and isolation glass unit. The glass can be heat treated, laminated and processed. 

Finally, to permanently maintain a clear view to the external environment, it is possible to avoid dirty glazing thanks to SGG BIOCLEAN (self-cleaning glass) and external water condensation thanks to SGG VIEWCLEAR (anti-condensation glass).