Electrochromic glass by SageGlass

See below how SageGlass by Saint-Gobain can contribute to WELL criteria: Individual thermal control.

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To maximize and personalize thermal comfort among all occupants.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Free Address

Projects over 200 m² [2,150 ft²] meet the following free address requirement:

  • The building provides a thermal gradient of at least 3 °C [5 °F] across open workspaces and between rooms or floors.
  • All open office spaces with occupants performing tasks that require similar workstations allow for at least 50% free address to allow occupants to select a work space with a desired temperature.

Part 2: Personal Thermal Comfort Devices

The following condition is met in spaces with 10 or more workstations in the same heating or cooling zone:

  • Employees have access to personal thermal comfort devices such as fans (excluding space heaters).

See detailed requirement for Individual Thermal Control.

Our contribution

SageGlass dynamic glazing can be controlled manually, allowing occupants to control their thermal environment when and how they want.