Design glass solutions by Saint-Gobain

See below how Design Glass Solution by Saint-Gobain can contribute to WELL V1 criteria: Adaptable Spaces.

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Key contribution

Saint-Gobain Glass offers a broad range of solutions, composed of sustainable materials, providing opportunities to manage spaces according to occupants’ needs, while ensuring privacy and concentration.


To reduce distractions, mitigate stress and enable focused work by integrating a stimuli management program within the building.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Stimuli Management

Seating and spatial layouts are organized into separate workplace zones and provide differing degrees of sensory engagement (quiet zones, collaboration zones…)

Part 2: Privacy

Areas greater than 1,860 m² [20,000 ft²] provide a designated quiet space for focus, contemplation and relaxation.

Part 3: Space Management

To minimize clutter and maintain a comfortable, well-organized environment, minimal storage requirements are addressed (a workstation cabinet, a personal locker…)

Part 4: Workplace Sleep Support

Short naps are an effective and healthy means for improving mental and physical acuity, even more so than caffeine, which can disrupt sleep.

See detailed requirement for Adaptable spaces

Our contribution

Saint-Gobain Glass offers a broad range of glazing (decorative, double-glazing units fitted with Venetian blinds, patterned and colored glass, etc.), allowing users to create privacy within soft, intimate and elegant ambiances. Products include PRIVA-LITE, DECORGLASS, MASTERGLASS, EMALIT and SERALIT EVOLUTION as well as CLIMAPLUS/CLIMATOP SCREENS. 

A demountable glass partition, such as the CLIP-IN system, is a great way to design a quiet private space for focus, contemplation and relaxation adapted to occupants’ needs. To create an environment that is free from distracting stimuli and is designed for focused work, this system guarantees optimal sound proofing as tests have shown that these partitions reduce noise levels by up to 48 dB. Furthermore, there is also the CLIP-IN SILENCE DOOR system on hinges and pivots that can be added to guarantee optimal sound insulation.