Design glass solutions by Saint-Gobain

See below how Design Glass Solution by Saint-Gobain can contribute to WELL V1 criteria: Beauty and Design I.

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Key contribution

Saint-Gobain Glass uses some of the most advanced technologies to deliver a complete range of aesthetic and decorative interior products, thereby positively contributing to occupants’ mood and comfort while optimizing energy efficiency.


To thoughtfully create unique and culturally-rich spaces.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Beauty and Mindful Design

The project contains features intended for all of the following:

  • Human delight.
  • Celebration of culture.
  • Celebration of spirit.
  • Celebration of place.
  • Meaningful integration of public art.

See detailed requirement for Beauty and design I

Our contribution

Glass offers limitless design opportunities. It plays freely with light, reflecting and refracting with mesmerizing effects that change with surroundings, seasons and sentiments. Saint-Gobain Glass delivers several options of interior glass from the beauty and design perspective:

  • Mirrors that capture and reflect light to add perspective and depth to a room. Saint-Gobain offers a wide range of mirrors including:
    • MIRALITE PURE, the highly durable lead free and solvent free mirror
    • MIRALITE REVOLUTION, the mirror with no added lead; 
    • DESIRE, the first range of LED-illuminated mirror;
    • MIRALITE NATURA, that reduces the green color of the glass compared to a normal mirror; and 
    • Decorative antique mirrors such as MIRALITE ANTIQUE and MIRALITE VERSAILLES, with original patterns.
  • Lacquered glass that blends perfectly with natural materials like wood, metal or stone. Saint-Gobain offers a broad range of lacquered glass, such as PLANILAQUE COLOR-IT. Existing in various colors, these solutions can adapt to different spaces according to the ambiences. 
  • Printing on glass with permanent designs, photographs and text.PICTUREit is our digital printing solution using enamel inks. It is also possible to personalize interiors and add decorative relief to glass thanks to CREA-LITE. 
  • Hand blown and drawn glass.For restoration, we have developed a range of decorative hand blown and drawn glass with intense colors, such as the ART GLASS series, COLONIAL and NOBLE glass. 
  • Patterned and cast glass

Saint-Gobain produces a wide range of unique patterned glasses, made by casting and rolling the glass between two cylinders, one of which is embossed with a pattern. Among them are: 

  • DECORGLASS, a range of relatively translucent glass that can be clear, tinted yellow or bronze; and
  • MASTERGLASS and the two latest MARTERSOFT and MASTERFLEX, a modern and architectural patterned glass that offers maximum light while maintaining privacy. It has been awarded a “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award (an international distinction) in “Interior Design” in 2015.