Design glass solutions by Saint-Gobain

See below how Design Glass Solutions by Saint-Gobain can contribute to WELL v1 criteria: Internally Generated Noise.



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Key contribution

Used indoors, Saint-Gobain offers acoustic insulating solutions and removable partition systems, composed of sustainable materials, to ensure privacy and acoustic comfort, without reducing the feeling of space or light.


To reduce acoustic disruptions and increase speech privacy by creating an acoustic plan and limiting internal noise levels.

Detailed requirement

The feature’s requirements concern the following elements:

  • Acoustic Planning
  • Mechanical Equipment Sound Levels
  • Mechanical Equipment Sound Levels in Sensitive Rooms
  • Best-Practice HVAC Installation
  • HVAC Sound Ratings
  • Noise Criteria in Schools
  • Disruptive Music Limitation

See detailed requirement for Internally generated noise

Our contribution

Noise can decrease productivity and concentration, especially in open-plan offices. However, glass partitions are an excellent way to separate areas without reducing the feeling of space or light. They provide privacy and enable speech privacy while maintaining the collaborative feeling of an open-plan office.. 

As an example, STADIP SILENCE reduces indoor noise when used in internal partitions. Depending on its thickness, a single pane of STADIP SILENCE can dampen the sound by up to 47 dB and it can exceed 50dB in a double-layer construction.

In addition, CLIP-IN SILENCE, a removable partition system that combines transparent glass with sound proofing and flexibility, ensures privacy and acoustic comfort in offices. To enhance the CLIP-IN SILENCE experience, CLIP-IN SILENCE DOORS, a door system on hinges and pivots helps to insulate the room while letting light in. To guarantee optimal sound proofing, these systems use the STADIP SILENCE sound-proof laminated glass, with built-in acoustic film. Tests have shown that these partitions reduce noise levels by up to 48 dB.