Acoustic ceilings by Eurocoustic

See below how Acoustic ceilings by Eurocoustic can contribute to WELL criteria: Material Transparency 

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To promote material transparency along the supply chain.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Material Information

At least 50% (as measured by cost) of interior finishes and finish materials, furnishings (including workstations) and built-in furniture have some combination of the following material descriptions:

  • Declare Label.
  • Health Product Declaration.
  • Any method accepted in USGBC's LEED v4 MR credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Material Ingredients, Option 1: material ingredient reporting.

Part 2: Accessible Information

The following condition is met:

  • All declaration information is compiled and made readily available to occupants either digitally or as part of a printed manual.

See detailed requirement for Material transparency

Our contribution

Eurocoustic stone wool ceilings do not contain any Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) under the terms of REACH. In addition, all potential risks associated with the implementation or use of the products Eurocoustic are listed in Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Voluntary Declarations of Security Data (VDSD).