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See below how Acoustic ceilings & Wall panels by Ecophon can contribute to WELL criteria: Air quality standards

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Key contribution

Ecophon’s low emitting ceilings help you meet the requirements for low VOC and formaldehyde emissions in Part 1: Standards for Volatile Substances of the Air Quality Standards feature.


To ensure a basic level of high indoor air quality.

Detailed requirement

Part 1: Standards for Volatile Substances:

  • Formaldehyde less than 27 ppb
  • Total volatile organic compounds less than 550 μg/m³

Part 2: Standards for Particulate Matter and Inorganic Gases

  • Carbon monoxyde less than 9 ppm
  • PM₂.₅ less than 15 μg/m³
  • PM₁₀ less than 50 μg/m³
  • Ozone less than 51 ppb

Part 3: Radon

  • Radon less than 4 pCi/L in the lowest occupied level of the project

Part 4: Operational Kitchen Air Quality

  • Carbon monoxide levels less than 35 ppm.
  • PM₂.₅ less than 35 μg/m³.
  • Nitrogen dioxide less than 100 ppb.
  • Formaldehyde less than 81 ppb.

See detailed requirement for Air Quality Standards

Our contribution

The requirements set in Part 1: Standards for Volatile Substances are best met by choosing low-emitting products from the start.

Ecophon offers the market's widest range of sound absorbers with extremely low VOC and formaldehyde emissions. All our sound absorbers comply with the toughest emission tests, including French A + and the California Emission Regulation. This means you can choose freely from all our products and always be certain of the lowest possible emissions.

Minimizing emissions from the ceiling, gives you wider margins for other building-material categories.