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See below how Insulation Solutions by ISOVER can contribute to LEED criteria: Innovation

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    The number of points is given for only information purpose. Saint-Gobain, in anyway, shall not guarantee or not be held liable for non-fulfillment of the certification which includes a broader package than constructions products employed for the targeted building.
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    Key contribution

    Research and innovation into green building are at the heart of Saint-Gobain ISOVER’s strategy. Our efforts focus both on breakthrough innovations and on continuous improvements.


    To encourage projects to achieve outstanding or innovative levels or performance.

    Detailed requirement

    Project team can use any combination of:

    • Innovation: by achieving significant, measurable environmental performance using a strategy not addresses in the LEED rating system.
    • Pilot: By achieving one pilot credit from USGBC’s LEED Pilot credit library
    • And exemplary performances strategies: an exemplary performance point is typically earned for achieving double the credit requirements or the next incremental percentage threshold.

    Read the detailed requirement for Innovation

    Our contribution

    Research and innovation, including sustainable innovation, are at the heart of Saint-Gobain ISOVER’s strategy, thanks to our eco-innovation approach. Since its foundation in 1937, ISOVER has made regular investments in R&D. Our efforts focus both on breakthrough innovations and on continuous improvements,  centered on customer needs.
    Here are some recent examples of innovations by ISOVER:

    Facade F4: combines an external and internal insulation along, with an airtightness system to provide maximum comfort to occupants, in the minimum space (for residential and offices). 

    CLIMAVER®: allows a -20% reduction on most environmental impacts. They are self-bearing, insulated air conditioning duct systems that are quick and easy to install. They perfectly replace conventional insulated metal ducts, providing excellent thermal, fire, acoustic and air quality performance.

    The ISOVER Multimax: Lambda 030 glass wool is the mineral wool product with the best thermal performance on the market. It offers the same thermal resistance as other mineral wools, but with a lower thickness.

    The new airtight and moisture control VARIO® Xtra system expands design possibilities and offers improved safety from moisture. The new Vario® Xtra range offers a wide variety of efficient solutions for pitched roofs, timber frame walls and flat roofs. 

    ISOVER insulation solutions can also be an asset for the following LEED pilot credits:
    Enhanced acoustical performance - exterior noise control; and
    Green training for contractors, trades, operators and service workers.