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See below how Insulation Solutions by ISOVER can contribute to LEED criteria: : Building product disclosure and optimization - Environmental product declarations

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The number of points is given for only information purpose. Saint-Gobain, in anyway, shall not guarantee or not be held liable for non-fulfillment of the certification which includes a broader package than constructions products employed for the targeted building.
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Key contribution

ISOVER is the ideal partner to ensure this criterion is met. Indeed, ISOVER has been working on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) since the early 90s in its pursuit of promoting green building. It is one of the first insulation manufacturers in the world to have carried out a complete LCA of its products and issued Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in compliance with international standards. ISOVER EPDs are verified by an independent third party for full transparency.


To encourage the use of products and materials for which life-cycle information is available and that have environmentally, economically, and socially preferable life-cycle impacts. To reward project teams for selecting products from manufacturers who have verified improved environmental life-cycle impacts.

Detailed requirement

Option 1 “Measure”: the Environmental Product Declaration (1 point)

The project must use 20 different permanently installed products sourced from 5 different manufacturers that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Products with a publicly available, critically reviewed life-cycle assessment (value ¼)
  • Generic Environmental Product Declarations with a third party certification (value ½)
  • Product specific Environmental Product Declarations with a third party certification (value 1)

Option 2 “Reduce”: multi-attribute optimization (1 point)

The project should use 50% (based on cost) of third party certified products that demonstrate impact reduction:

  • Below the industry average in 3 of the 6 Life Cycle Assessment categories.
  • Compared to the same product, over time.

Read the detailed requirement for Environmental Product Declarations

Our contribution

A Life Cycle Assessment or LCA avoids green washing in favor of communicating credible, fact-based information about products’ environmental performances. LCAs are the best science-based tools to assess the environmental impacts of construction products and buildings. It is considered as a state-of-the-art methodology for assessing all relevant environmental impacts of a construction product, system or  building over its entire life cycle. Following international standards (EN 15804 and ISO 21930), a LCA calculates in a rigorous and scientific manner the use of energy, water and natural resources; emissions and releases into the air, ground and water, and waste generation.

The principles of LCAs  are embedded in ISOVER’s DNA. We carry out “cradle to grave” LCAs and Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs) according to ISO 21930 or EN 15804 standards for all of our products. 
The LCA results are presented in the form of an EPD, which is verified by an independent third party.

Our EPDs are product specified and local (at national level for a specific plant), taking into account the local conditions, and are renewed every five years.