Fire resistant & high security glass by Vetrotech

See below how Fire resistant & High security glass for facades by Vetrotech can contribute to LEED criteria: Thermal Comfort

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Key contribution

Vetrotech custom-made protection glass solutions are able to satisfy all different high expectations regarding thermal insulation. These solutions can limit heat input from the sun or/and heat transfer inside/outside.


To promote occupants’ productivity, comfort, and well-being by providing quality thermal comfort.

Detailed requirement

The project must meet the requirements for both thermal comfort design and thermal comfort control.

The building must be designed (heating, ventilating, air-conditioning systems, building envelope) to meet the requirements of specific standards on thermal comfort (ASHRAE standard 55-2010 or ISO and CEN standards).

In addition, individual thermal comfort controls must be provided for at least 50% of individual occupant spaces. For all shared multi-occupant spaces, a group thermal comfort control can be installed. Thermal comfort controls allow occupants, whether in individual spaces or shared multi-occupant spaces, to adjust at least one of the following in their local environment: air temperature, radiant temperature, air speed, and humidity.

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Our contribution

In addition to offering protection against flames, smoke, attacks, blasts and firearms, Vetrotech high- protection solutions can provide solar control and deliver high thermal insulation performances thanks to low-E (low-Emissivity) coatings in double or triple glazing, for enhanced thermal comfort.  

In mostly cold climates, Vetrotech’s IGU or TGU products (CLIMAPLUS/CLIMATOP) combined with low-E coated solutions, such as PLANITHERM, limit heat transfer inside/outside, thus avoiding heat loss (small Ug value). Other coated products, such as ECLAZ, contribute to thermal comfort thanks to the thin, transparent metallic coating that reflects heat from radiators or heaters back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the window.

In mostly warm climates, Vetrotech’s IGU or TGU product range combined with ANTELIO solutions or glass coated solutions, such as highly selective COOL-LITE , will limit overheating and the need for air-conditioning (small g value). 

Some solutions are adapted for both climates: for example, the COOL-LITE EXTREME 50/22 significantly improves thermal comfort thanks to a low solar factor (g-value=21%), reducing solar heat gains and giving an excellent U-value of 1.0 W/(m2.K) to , minimize heat losses.