Fire resistant & high security glass by Vetrotech

See below how Fire resistant & High security glass for facades by Vetrotech can contribute to LEED criteria: Quality views

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The number of points is given for only information purpose. Saint-Gobain, in anyway, shall not guarantee or not be held liable for non-fulfillment of the certification which includes a broader package than constructions products employed for the targeted building.
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Key contribution

By offering high visibility to the outside, glass solutions permits to connect people to the nature and limit sense of enclosure improving the comfort of all building users. Vetrotech glass solutions applications and options offer more quality views and maintain them.


To give building occupants a connection to the natural outdoor environment by providing quality views.

Detailed requirement

Option 1 “assess”: the Environmental Product Declaration (1 point)


A direct line of sight to the outdoors via vision glazing for 75% of all regularly occupied floor area.

View glazing in the contributing area must provide a clear image of the exterior, not obstructed by frits, fibers, patterned glazing, or added tints that distort color balance.

Additionally, 75% of all regularly occupied floor area must have at least two of the following four kinds of views:

  • Multiple lines of sight to vision glazing in different directions at least 90 degrees apart;
  • Views that include at least two of the following: (1) flora, fauna, or sky; (2) movement; and (3) objects at least 25 feet from the exterior of the glazing;
  • Unobstructed views located within the distance of three times the head height of the vision glazing;
  • Views with a view factor of 3 or greater, as defined in “Windows and Offices; A study of Office workers Performance & the indoor Environment.

Read the detailed requirement for Quality Views

Our contribution

Through its  principal, transparent component of: glass, Vetrotech solutions allow visibility and, views to the outside, and match the biophiliic* building conception that , provides building occupants with motivation, performance and well-being. This is in keeping with our green building philosophy. 

Seven to 12%: is the improvement in processing time at one call center when staff have a view of nature, while a similar  
A nature view can reduce the length of a hospital stay by 8,5%.

All Vetrotech products can be combined with multi-comfort features, providing a series of functions contributing to maintaining a clear view to the outside. 
To limit dirty glazing, a low maintenance and self-cleaning coating, SGG BIOCLEAN, can be deposited onto clear glass. This solution decreases cleaning frequency and reduces the need for chemical cleaning materials or high volumes of fresh water. A permanent, transparent coating on the outside surface of the glass harnesses the power of both sun and rain to efficiently break down and remove dirt and grime such as dried, dirty water marks, dust and insect residues.  
Vetrotech DIAMANT optimizes transparency and reduces reflectance to enhance the visual experience.
Glass is a better option for protection than the conventional brick wall as it ensures visual security: fully glazed doors and partitions enable clear vision, thus allowing one to detect hazards early and to ensure that nobody or nothing is left behind by mistake in the event of an emergency evacuation. 
Unlike full partitions, Vetrotech protection glass solutions allow natural light to passes easily through buildings and enhance the sense of space, which has a positive psychological effectly on the its occupants. 

Other solutions like LITE-FLOOR, the Vetrotech flooring glass, or skylight glass solutions, enhance people’s views in specific environments, improving their experiences. These solutions are appreciated in museums or zoos, for example. 

*Biophilic design is a revolutionary design trend that focuses on the human connection between nature and the built environment