Fire resistant & high security glass by Vetrotech

See below how Fire resistant & High security glass for facades by Vetrotech can contribute to LEED criteria: Daylight

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The number of points is given for only information purpose. Saint-Gobain, in anyway, shall not guarantee or not be held liable for non-fulfillment of the certification which includes a broader package than constructions products employed for the targeted building.
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Key contribution

Due to its nature, glass is the most appropriate material when it comes to optimizing daylight in buildings. Vetrotech protection glass solutions can provide high transparency while preserving privacy when it’s needed by building users.


To connect building occupants with the outdoors, reinforce circadian rhythms, and reduce the use of electrical lighting by introducing daylight into the space.

Detailed requirement

The first requirement consists in providing manual or automatic (with manual override) glare-control devices for all regularly-occupied spaces.

Three options are proposed to measure the daylight in the building which has to meet specific thresholds:

  1. By simulating, evaluate the spatial daylight autonomy and annual sunlight exposure (2 or 3 points);
  2. By simulating, evaluate the illuminance levels (1 or 2 points);
  3. Measure the illuminance level when the building is finished (2 or 3 points)

Read the detailed requirement for Daylight

Our contribution

Glazing can help optimize the natural light entering a building and maximize autonomy without artificial lighting. It can also contribute to higher levels of energy efficiency

Glass transparency

Access to natural daylight increases occupants’ productivity, and reduces absenteeism and the illness factor. These characteristics have to be taken into account when developing designs for the occupancy of buildings. Vetrotech glass solutions allow the admission of natural light into a space and can provide up to 90% transmittance of visible light (Lt) into a structure. 

Example of facade combination: SGG VISION LITE / SGG VISION LITE II on DIAMANT glass + PLANITHERM XN = 90% Lt


Used in partitions, glass is also a very important material inside buildings, offering natural light to the rooms located far from windows and facades. 
Vetrotech products can provide both natural light and privacy to building occupants when one sheet used in the double-glazing is made with PRIVA-LITE. It is a special laminated glass with a liquid crystal film whichthat, under the effect of an electric current, switches from translucent to transparent with no alteration of light transmission. CONTRAFLAM PRIVA-LITE is great for modular partitioning and privacy management. Such a glazed partition creates varying degrees of vision control in a room, even complete privacy if required.
Vetrotech integrated blinds solutions, CONTRAFLAM SCREEN and KERALITE ULTRA SCREEN, provide privacy too, are easy to maintain and can be controlled manually or automatically.  

To provide even more daylight and visibility, glass can be used as flooring: CONTRAFLAM LITE-FLOOR is a good solution for load-bearing glazed flooring while protecting from fire. This enables light to enter the building from the top and permeate through all floors. 

In the same way, CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE are design “butt-joint” solutions which that protect against fire, while maximizing daylight without vertical frame profile as flush-glazing. Using this glass, it is possible to create glazed partitions with maximum transparencies that , which match the architectural requirements, while still retaining a high -level of safety. 
Vetrotech provides glass solutions with the tallest dimensions too, through its “MEGA” range (CONTRAFLAM MEGA and CONTRAFLAM STRUCTURE MEGA) to optimize daylight and visibility.


Unlike full partitions, Vetrotech bullet proof, attack and blast resistant glass solutions, VETROGARD and, POLYGARD, can be used in the facades of sensitive buildings to, optimize the natural daylight entrance without compromising the highest level of safety required. 
Integral blinds are the clear choice for an eco-friendly, appealing alternative to traditional privacy curtains and visual barriers for glare control. VETROFLAM SCREEN combines proven fire-resistance from Vetrotech, with the functionality and efficiency of integral blinds.