Fire resistant & high security glass by Vetrotech

See below how Fire resistant & High security glass for facades by Vetrotech can contribute to LEED criteria: Acoustic performance

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Key contribution

Beyond offering protection and transparency, the composition of Vetrotech custom-made glass solutions can also permit to meet the requirements of high acoustic insulation expectations.  


To provide workspace that promotes occupant’s well-being, productivity, and communication through effective acoustic design.

Detailed requirement

For all occupied spaces, the project has to meet specific requirements for:

  • Heating, ventilating and airconditioning (HVAC) background noise
  • Sound isolation
  • Reverberation time
  • Sound reinforcement and masking

Read the detailed requirement for Acoustic Performance

Our contribution

Effective acoustic insulation is essential for comfort. Vetrotech has a wide range of acoustic solutions to meet all requirements for green building. 


Vetrotech solutions, combined with CLIMAPLUS/CLIMATOP solutions (IGU/TGU), allow for good acoustic performance in the first instance. This performance can be subsequently improved when the double or triple glazed units include enhanced acoustic insulation with, STADIP SILENCE. This is a laminated safety glass with highly effective acoustic properties that can reduce exterior noise by up to 50 dB (Rw). It is made from two or more sheets of glass bonded together by one or more acoustic Polyvinyl Butyral interlayers, known as PVB(A).


Combinations with CLIMAPLUS/CLIMATOP and/or STADIP SILENCE solutions can be constructed to enhance acoustic insulation too. However, depending on the environment and the protection level needed, Vetrotech fire resistant and/or high security solutions are sometimes thick enough by themselves to match acoustic insulation requirements. Where a greater degree of acoustic insulation is needed, – such as in airports, – CLIMALIT or CLIMAPLUS with STADIP SILENCE offer the highest degree of noise protection.