Design glass solutions by Saint-Gobain

See below how Design glass solutions by Saint-Gobain can contribute to LEED V4.0 criteria: Design for Flexibility.

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The number of points is given for only information purpose. Saint-Gobain, in anyway, shall not guarantee or not be held liable for non-fulfillment of the certification which includes a broader package than constructions products employed for the targeted building.
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Conserve resources associated with the construction and management of buildings for flexibility and ease of future adaptation and for the service life of components and assemblies. 

Detailed requirement

Increase building flexibility and ease of adaptive use over the life of the structure by employing at least three of the strategies described in LEED, such as: design for future vertical expansion on at least 75% of the roof and the use of demountable partitions for 50% of applicable areas.

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Our contribution

Glass partitions are a great way of creating beautiful office interiors, allowing an atmosphere of brightness and the design of open living spaces. Born from research into sustainable design, Saint-Gobain Glass offers modular glass solutions for partitions such as the CLIP-IN system, a glass partition system that combines functionality, aesthetics and flexibility. As simple to mount as to demount, this system eases partition installation and makes it possible to adapt space according to occupants’ needs. The absence of glue between the glazing allows the partitions to be dismantled and reused a large number of times, thus giving complete design and reconfiguration freedom.

Furthermore, to guarantee optimal sound-proofing and increased privacy, this system can be used with the STADIP SILENCE sound-proof laminated glass (CLIP-IN SILENCE). This patented innovation opens up numerous interior design possibilities and is ideal for offices.