Acoustic ceilings by Eurocoustic

See below how Acoustic ceilings by Eurocoustic can contribute to LEED V4.0 criteria: Innovation

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The number of points is given for only information purpose. Saint-Gobain, in anyway, shall not guarantee or not be held liable for non-fulfillment of the certification which includes a broader package than constructions products employed for the targeted building.
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To encourage projects to achieve outstanding or innovative levels or performance.

Detailed requirement

Project team can use any combination of:

  • Innovation: by achieving significant, measurable environmental performance using a strategy not addresses in the LEED rating system.
  • Pilot: By achieving one pilot credit from USGBC’s LEED Pilot credit library
  • And exemplary performances strategies: an exemplary performance point is typically earned for achieving double the credit requirements or the next incremental percentage threshold.

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Our contribution

In line with the group's eco-innovation policy, Eurocoustic is continually innovating to anticipate the challenges of each
era: acoustic correction, fire protection, improvement of indoor air quality, reduction of environmental footprint, etc.
For example, our product Tonga® Ultra Clean HP launched in 2016 is a product that could be washed with high-pressure
jet, and has a decorative veil without added formaldehyde. This product provides maximum sound absorption (αw = 1)
for minimal impact on indoor air quality (A + labeling).
On the other hand, our new QUICK-LOCK® Corro Plus grid system offers high resistance to highly humid and aggressive
environments, thus ensuring people’s safety even in corrosive environments such as pools, aquatic centers, etc.