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See below how Insulation solutions by ISOVER can contribute to HQE International criteria: Guaranteeing effective ventilation

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Key contribution

The CLIMAVER® range has exceeded the maximum airtightness class under European standard EN 13403 for non-metallic ducts in addition to the airtightness class under EN 12237 for metallic ducts, thus it is classified as CLASS D, which is the most restrictive category.


To ensure the optimization of indoor air circulation and thus of ducted air quality.

Detailed requirement

Providing air flows suitable for the activity of the rooms and ensuring the airtightness of ductwork, the quality of ducted air and optimal indoor air circulation in the spaces.

Our contribution

13.1.2 Ensure the airtightness of ductwork

In this way, the CLIMAVER® system ensures that the airtightness of the distribution system is 10 times better than standard metal ducts, which are usually certified as CLASS B. This means you can make huge savings in energy consumption along with the possibility to reduce the power usage of the air handling equipment.