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See below how Insulation solutions by ISOVER can contribute to HQE International criteria: Creating hygrothermal comfort conditions in cooling mode

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Key contribution


To encourage the establishment of optimal conditions for hygrothermal comfort in cooling mode.

Detailed requirement

Defining/achieving an appropriate temperature level in the spaces, ensuring air speed that does not adversely affect comfort, controlling solar gains and in particular localized discomfort due to heat radiation, controlling of thermal environment by users and hygrometry in sensitive spaces.

Our contribution

8.4.1 Define/achieve an appropriate temperature level in the spaces

You can report to 8.2.1 contribution.


8.4.5 Control hygrometry in sensitive spaces

ISOVER airtightness system is the key to ensure the insulation products performances and good working conditions of the different appliances present in the room. It leads to a comfortable humidity ration in all spaces.