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See below how Insulation solutions by ISOVER can contribute to HQE International criteria: Controlling sources of indoor air pollution

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Key contribution

Thanks to its composition resulting from many years of research and development, the new glass wool product of ISOVER helps to combat indoor air pollution in buildings.


To foster the identification, measurement and prevention of the internal and external sources of indoor air pollution.

Detailed requirement

Identifying and reducing the effects of internal and external sources of pollution, controlling occupants' exposure to indoor air pollutants and preventing the growth of bacteria in the air.

Our contribution

13.2.2 Control occupants' exposure to indoor air pollutants

Even several numbers of tests conducted by independent expert laboratories in many countries have shown that glass wool products are an insignificant source of formaldehyde and VOCs in buildings.

It indicates that ISOVER is committed to continue innovating to reduce emissions to a very minimum. Tested according to ISO 16000 standards, ISOVER glass wool products prove to release a very low amount of formaldehyde and VOCs. For example, all the ISOVER products, for interior and French market, are ranked to the highest level A+.

ISOVER mineral wool products do not emit nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene, and particles.