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See below how Insulation solutions by ISOVER can contribute to HQE International criteria : construction choices for the sustainability and adaptability of the building.

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Key contribution


To make sure that the products, systems and processes of the building are appropriate and optimal especially regarding adaptability over time and separability, at their end of life.

Detailed requirement

Choosing products, systems or processes whose characteristics are verified and compatible with the usage, considering adaptability of the building over time based on its forecast lifespan and usages, but also paying attention to removability/separability of the construction products and processes with a view to optimal environmental management of their end of life.

Our contribution

2.1.1 Choose products, systems or processes that have verified and compatible characteristics with the usage.

ISOVER offers a wide range of products that can be installed in different areas or rooms. Also, the two documents available for each product are - The datasheet and the Document of Performance (DOP). These documents provide characteristics of the dedicated product and shows performance results of assessments.

2.1.3 Removability or separability of the construction products and processes with optimal environmental management till the end of their life.

ISOVER products and accessories are easy to dismantle and remove, without destroying their abilities. Moreover, ISOVER is pushing for innovation and synergies between the different brands of Saint-Gobain such as Weber. In Germany, the systems weber. therm circle is the first composite thermal insulation system which is dismountable and recyclable at the end of the life, for valorization in new products.