Glass facade & windows by Saint-Gobain

See below how Glass façade & windows by Saint-Gobain can contribute to HQE International criteria: Quality of Outdoor Spaces Accessible for Users.

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To foster multi-comfort outdoor spaces in terms of thermal, acoustic, visual but also air quality, for projects which have outdoor spaces.

Detailed requirement

Creating a satisfactory outdoor climatic and acoustic environment but also an adequate visual ambience, ensuring the right to sanitary quality of the spaces for users on the plot in addition to a sufficient outdoor lighting at night.

Our contribution

1.2.3. Create a Satisfactory Visual Ambiance

Transparent, open to the outside, the glass protects without obscuring. Using glass as "double skin" for a facade reveals its architectural angles. When you choose to glaze with a high light transmission such as our extra-clear glass DIAMANT (up to 90% light transmission) or the VISION-LITE, which reduces the reflect effect, it is possible to ensure perfect consistency in the new building with the existing environment.

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