Electrochromic glass by SageGlass

See below how SageGlass by Saint-Gobain can contribute to HQE criterion: Quality of outdoor spaces accessible to users.

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To foster multi-comfort outdoor spaces in terms of thermal, acoustic, visual but also air quality, for projects which have outdoor spaces.

Detailed requirement

Creating a satisfactory outdoor climatic and acoustic environment but also an adequate visual ambience, ensuring the right to sanitary quality of the spaces for users on the plot in addition to a sufficient outdoor lighting at night.

Our contribution

1.2.3. Create a Satisfactory Visual Ambiance

To offer users a view of the exterior, whether natural spaces or cultural elements, what could be more effective than a glass surface? Especially if it doesn't have any disadvantages. With SageGlass, the outside view is preserved all year round, without compromising on thermal performance and glare management.

SageGlass dynamic glass