Electrochromic glass by SageGlass

See below how SageGlass by Saint-Gobain can contribute to HQE criterion: Construction choices for the sustainability and adaptability of the building.

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Key contribution

SageGlass is affected by numerous third-party evaluations aiming at validating its durability and suitability for use in the construction field. Additionally, over time,  SageGlass’ dynamic properties enable the building to adapt to changes in climatic conditions, needs, or use. 


To make sure that the products, systems and processes of the building are appropriate and optimal especially regarding adaptability over time and separability, at their end of life.

Detailed requirement

Choosing products, systems or processes whose characteristics are verified and compatible with the usage, considering adaptability of the building over time based on its forecast lifespan and usages, but also paying attention to removability/separability of the construction products and processes with a view to optimal environmental management of their end of life.

Our contribution

  • 2.1.1. Choose products, systems or processes whose characteristics are verified and compatible with the usage

SageGlass insulating glass has been subject to numerous tests aiming at validating its performance and durability. For instance, in France, SageGlass is covered by a Technical Application Document (DTA) issued by the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB). Their mission is to ensure the quality and safety of buildings, justifying its reliability, and suitability for use.


  • 2.1.2. The adaptability of the building over time, based on its forecast lifespan and usages 

SageGlass' ability to change tint, makes it possible to consider different uses over time for facades equipped with SageGlass. On the other hand, SageGlass' control strategy can be modified on demand, whether it is on a single window, a group of windows, or an entire facade. This flexibility allows the building to adjust throughout its life to possible changes in use and organization.

SageGlass dynamic glass