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See below how Gypsum Ceilings by Gyproc can contribute to BREEAM criteria: Life cycle impacts.

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The number of points is given for only information purpose. Saint-Gobain, in anyway, shall not guarantee or not be held liable for non-fulfillment of the certification which includes a broader package than constructions products employed for the targeted building.
Up to 6 credits (building type dependent)

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Key contribution

Since the early 90s, GYPROC has been conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for its gypsum range of products. The Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) provided are third-party verified and comply with international standards. They allow us to assess the environmental impact of our products in order to improve the ecological footprint and sustainable design at each strage of the life cycle.


To recognise and encourage the use of robust and appropriate life cycle assessment tools and consequently the specification of construction materials with a low environmental impact (including embodied carbon) over the full life cycle of the building.

Requirement summary

Reductions in the building’s environmental life cycle impacts through assessment of the main building elements. The number of credits awarded is function of the calculator point achieved. In addition, where a range of at least five products specified at Design Stage and installed by Post-Construction Stage are covered by verified  EPD, 1 credit awarded.

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Our contribution

Professionals in the building industry want to understand the environmental performance of construction products. At Saint-Gobain, we believe that Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the most reliable tool available to assess the green credentials of building materials and to enable companies to communicate credible, fact-based information about their products to consumers. It is also a powerful resource to improve the environmental features of our products. Saint-Gobain has decided to promote the use of LCAs in the building industry and to communicate about its products’ LCA results.

“Cradle to grave” (including “cradle to gate”) LCAs and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) compliant with international standards (ISO 14025, 14040, 14044, and EN 15804 or ISO 21930) are provided for most products. Saint Gobain’s EPDs are renewed every five years and are verified by a third party. They are region and product specific. 


Products block

Gyproc Products with EPDs - Habito


EPDs are offered for Habito products, please refer to your regional Gyproc office to obtain.

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Gyproc Products with EPDs - Glasroc


EPDs are offered for Glasroc products, please refer to your regional Gyproc office to obtain.

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