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See below how Design Glass Solution by Saint-Gobain can contribute to BREEAM criteria: Visual Comfort.

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The number of points is given for only information purpose. Saint-Gobain, in anyway, shall not guarantee or not be held liable for non-fulfillment of the certification which includes a broader package than constructions products employed for the targeted building.
Up to 6 credits (all buildings)

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Key contribution

Saint-Gobain Glass offers a broad range of solutions, composed of sustainable materials, providing a high light transmission (up to 90% light transmittance) to create brighter interiors and give building users sufficient access to daylight. 


To ensure daylighting, artificial lighting and occupant controls are considered at the design stage to ensure best practice in visual performance and comfort for building occupants.

Requirement summary

Several aspect are covered by this criteria glare control, daylight, view out…

  • The potential for disabling glare has been designed out of all relevant building areas.
  • Good practice daylighting levels have been met.
  • Floor space in the relevant building areas has an adequate vie out to reduce eye strain and provide a link to the outside.
  • Internal and external lighting systems are designed to avoid flicker and provide appropriate illuminance (lux) levels.
  • Internal lighting is zoned to allow for occupant control

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Our contribution

By its nature, glass is the most important material in relation to visual comfort criteria. It contributes to daylighting, quality view (or view out) and glare control.

Daylighting and view out

Glass is the perfect material to connect indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to its transparency. When used in partitions, glass can contrast transparency with gently diffused light to bring a feeling of space and openness to a room. With higher light transmission (up to 91%) than traditional glass, our PLANICLEAR and DIAMANT clear float glass help to create bright interiors. In addition, the VISION-LITE anti-reflective glass provides an adequate view out. Its high transparency (over 90% visible light transmittance) gives perfect vision of objects and the view is not impaired by reflections from light (approximately eight times less reflection than conventional glass) or from the surrounding environment, resulting in optimal rendering and contrast. It is ideal for applications in internal partitions, television studios, sound booths, protective screens, etc.

Our range of glass products offers a wide variety of possibilities:

  • The CLIP-IN system of demountable glass partitions brings more light into living spaces;
  • Translucent, colorful, textured and patterned glass (MASTERGLASS, DECORGLASS, STADIP COLOR, PARSOL, PICTUREit) allow light diffusion while creating varying degrees of vision control in a room;
  • PRIVA-LITE laminated glass allows immediate switching from a translucent to transparent appearance to obtain privacy;

As a decoration, mirrors (such as MIRALITE REVOLUTION and MIRALITE PURE) can add light to small, dark rooms. By reflecting sunlight back, they increase the amount of daylight in a room; 
Used as flooring (LITE FLOOR), glass enables light to enter a building from the top and to permeate through all floors; and  
Used in doors and partitions, glass reduces the need for artificial light.

Glare control

Using a solar control glass helps to filter uncomfortable glare from the sun, while letting in lots of natural light. We offer a fully-integrated system including a movable blind embedded in the cavity of an insulated glass unit in the form of CLIMAPLUS/CLIMATOP SCREENS. This solution allows occupants to manage the natural input of light into their space as well as privacy at all times of the day.